How Can I Help My Publisher Promote My Book

By LEE & LOW's Marketing Department

As an author or illustrator you are capable of directly influencing the sales of your book through self-promotion – so…promote, promote, promote!

A publisher will promote your book by sending review copies to magazines, trade journals & librarians. Seasonal catalogs are mailed, advertising is designed, and conferences are attended. An independent publisher like Lee & Low puts great efforts toward promoting every book we publish, but having you on the promotion team can only add to your book's exposure.

Here are some ways to act locally to broaden your readership.

Local Bookstore
First stop should be to your local bookseller. This is the person who knows the readers in your community. Communities are often excited to know there is a "celebrity" among them, and will lend their support. Let your local bookseller know you have a new book, and are available for signings.

Libraries & Schools

The same holds true with the children’s librarian at both the public and school library. Tell them you are available for readings and classroom visits. If you’re an author, offer to read and discuss with the children how and why you became a writer; what inspired you; describe the process of an unedited manuscript to a bound book. If you’re an illustrator offer to read and discuss your process from thumbnail sketches to the bound book. Also consider an interactive exercise you can do with the children. Perhaps you can write a story together or sketch each other.

Local Newspaper(s)

Contact local newspapers. Get the name of the book reviewer and/or the features editor and drop off or mail in a copy of your book. Many possiblities here – they may review it; they may do a feature article; if you’re doing signings they can mention the place and time in their listings.

The Media
Keep an eye out for articles that pertain to the subject of your book. This is an excellent way of making contacts. Get the name of the author and send them a copy of your book. Be sure to coordinate this mailing with your publisher in case they already have the source on their mailing list.

Put together a biography about yourself; include a full list of your books, interests, background, hobbies, and ordering/publisher contact information. Your bio should be circulated among all contacts (booksellers, librarians, newspaper editors) and be included in any correspondence you send – people will appreciate knowing more about you.

SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators)
Become involved with your local SCBWI. They have several conferences a year – getting yourself on a panel discussion is excellent exposure.

The Web invites authors to complete an interview that visitors can preuse. Located at the bottom of each page where your book is listed, there’s a section reserved for your use. Authors can tell readers what inspired them to write the book and, who influenced them.

If your publisher has a Web site, be sure to participate in any on-line features that showcase you and your book. Having a presence on the web makes the possibility of a world-wide audience knowing about your book and possibly buying it.

Finally, word-of-mouth is your biggest promoter.

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