A Space for Me

By Oneonta Reading Journal

Alex has had enough of Lucas acting like a wild child, and decides it isn’t fair his older sister has her own room while he has to share one with his younger brother Lucas. Disaster strikes when Lucas throws and breaks Alex’s favorite dragon and puzzle. Alex immediately storms out and begins to make his own space in the backyard. It is the perfect space to play, read, and relax away from older siblings. As Lucas pears through the window at Alex, he realizes he misses his brother, and asks him to come back. Lucas might have broken his toys, and caused a ruckus, but he really just wants to spend time with his older brother, Alex. Alex decides that some days he will spend with Lucas, and some in his own space, so he can relax and play the day away alone.

The intersection of the themes, conflicts, moods, and resolution light up one’s soul. From the vibrant greens to the glowing blues, every page pops out of the book and into the readers imagination. The themes of brotherly love and friendship are evident and will resonate with readers, ages 3 -7 with siblings.