Alicia Afterimage

By Write for a Reader

When I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down! . . . This is a great book for young adults, because the loss of a classmate is so prevalent these days. We cannot shield our children from death, as much as we’d like to, and grief is real, even in high school students. Many times they do not know how to deal with the grief and loss, and this book would be a great read for them as well as adults who are living with grief. I lost a friend in high school and would loved to have had this book to read as I was going through my own grief because it captures the true feelings of real high school students who have lived through the tragedy of losing a friend. . . . I just fell in love with this book and hope that many of you will choose to read it for yourself, share it with someone who needs it, or buy it as a gift.