Breaking to the Beat!

By School Library Journal

Break dancing began its life in inner cities where underprivileged kids looked for a way to express their creative sides. The original music, popular in the 1970s, came from a blend of conga music, Latin boogaloo, and rumba; when hip-hop evolved, it stayed rooted with the beats, which became the underpinnings of break dancing. And what energy it produced! These dancers’ moves required balance, agility, and expressive choreography. The book chronicles the growth of these dance moves from urban street corners and lots to becoming an Olympic sport starting in 2024. The writing captures the energy and determination of the sport and the illustrations fire it up. Morrison’s style is so fluid, the palette so bright and vivid, readers will feel the topic’s excitement and electricity. The book includes a glossary of all the break dancing moves and provides other helpful background information.

VERDICT This is an accessible book for elementary school children interested in break dancing and other forms of movement and dance; it’s of historical and cultural significance and is an important addition to any collection.