Bringing Asha Home

By Northwest Asian Weekly

In Bringing Asha Home, a 7-year-old boy named Arun waits for his adopted sister to arrive from India. The story is also about rahki, a northern Indian holiday that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. When Arun’s parents tell him that they will soon be adopting a baby from India, he is both ecstatic and filled with anxiety. Arun must wait what seems like an agonizingly long time for Asha to arrive. When he asks his parents why they must wait so long, Arun’s father replies, ‘When you adopt a baby from one country and bring her to another, there are many government forms to fill out and laws to follow.’ He passes the time by folding paper airplanes to give to Asha when she arrives. Krishnaswami writes in the author’s note that the story was inspired in part by her friends’ real-life adoption stories. Filled with heartfelt images and engaging dialogue, this story of patience and understanding is sure to be a wonderful bedtime story for youngsters and their siblings.