Compound It All!

By Steven Preville, Principal

I must say that I found the game creative, fun and made for deep critical thinking.

As an educator, for kids to play a card game to develop vocabulary and compound words along with math skills through game play is always a winwin situation. I would not hesitate to allow this game into our classrooms as a learning tool. It would encourage the skills of collaboration, communication and 21st century learning. 

        The  game allows teachers to differentiate instruction and will meet a variety of learning styles which will allow the teacher to meet the students individual needs resulting in growth and achievement. The game is also another way for adults to interact and will expand their knowledge and thinking skills as it can pertain to crossword puzzles and word searches.

            I would also promote this type of card playing during recess as it is recreational but connects to curriculum and will expand vocabulary use. I look forward to integrating this activity into our school and playing it at social outings for recreation and fun.