Family Poems for Every Day of the Week/Poemas familiares para cada día de la semana

By Publishers Weekly

This poetry collection from Chicano poet Alarcón, who died in 2016, includes three or four poems for each day of the week, written in the voice of a boy who reflects on traditions, special gatherings, and time spent with family. An opening note and several verses highlight the mythological origins behind the naming of the days (“Venus and Frigg/ make every Friday/ a Valentine’s Day”). The contemplative poems touch on recognizable events in children’s lives (irritating Monday mornings, endless Wednesdays) and moments of joy and melancholy: “maybe there is another kid/ looking right now at Mars/ up in the night sky/ feeling just as I do—/ like a tiny punctuation dot/ alone amid so much dark.” Gonzalez’s radiant illustrations (inspired by Mexican indigenous crafts, she notes) bring a sense of cosmic oneness to the pages, connecting the boy to his family, community, and the ever-spinning planet.