Fight Back

By Booklist

As the end of Year 8 approaches, 13-year-old Aaliyah is excited to go to her first ever concert with best friends Lisa and Sukhi to see their favorite K-Pop band, 3W. During the concert, however, a bomb goes off, and the attack heightens local tensions, increasing the verbal and physical attacks that Aaliyah and her Muslim family receive and even fracturing Aaliyah's friendship with Lisa, whose brother Darren has grown violent against Muslims. Feeling alone and targeted, Aaliyah finds friends at school who understand and support her, giving her the strength to speak out and stand up to Darren, defending her family, her friend, and who she is in the process. Through the eyes of a young teenager, this novel explores important topics of identity, freedom of expression and religion, family and friendship, culture, and racism. The fear and uncertainty Aaliyah feels are palpable. A powerful novel will show readers they are not alone when facing racism and hate and that standing together in support of one another provides hope for the future.

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