Fresh Juice

By Kirkus Reviews

Fruits, vegetables, and community help to cure a cold.

Art, a Black boy, wants to play in the park, but Daddy is still in bed with a cold. Art suggests that they make some “sick-fighting juice” with ginger to heal Daddy. When Daddy finds no juice-making ingredients in the fridge, they take the train to the Saturday farmers market downtown. As they visit the market’s vendors, no one has ginger, but everyone sells Daddy a fruit or vegetable that will help fight his cold. He buys carrots from Abbas, collards from Mrs. Johnson, Mexican cayenne from Maribel, apples from the co-op, and oranges from Mr. Abiodun, who just sold his last piece of ginger. When Daddy and Art find the train station closed, Art’s stepfather, Dhillon, rides by on his bicycle and offers them the ginger he bought from Mr. Abiodun and a car ride back to the house where Dhillon and Art’s Mama live and where several folks from the market have dropped by. Art makes juice in a juicer that Dhillon’s bike powers, and they all enjoy some. The backmatter includes a recipe for Art’s cold-clobbering juice. Liu-Trujillo’s watercolor-esque illustrations add verve and specificity to each character and convey the closeness both of this extended family and the vibrant, predominantly Black and brown neighborhood in which they live.

A wonderful story of a community that takes care of its own.