Fresh Juice

By Booklist

Liu-Trujillo evokes the warmth of a father-son bond in this food and family story where a community comes together to create something delicious and healthy. One Saturday morning, Art's dad isn't feeling well, so they decide to gather ingredients for sick-fighting juice. In his precise, naturalistic watercolor artwork, Liu-Trujillo depicts the duo traversing through the farmers' market in search of the perfect ingredients. In sweet, wholesome illustration and dialogue, Art and his community model living in a compassionate world full of realistic diversity, not only in individual people but in the variety of cultures represented in the community. Each stall and vendor brings a new food and its health benefits to explore, but Art and his dad strike out in what they're most hoping for: ginger. While feeling disappointed, they bump into Art's stepfather, which ends up solving more than one problem. Liu-Trujillo seamlessly and graciously offers a positive portrayal of a blended family, which may resonate with many. With a recipe included at the end, this heartwarming story emphasizes the healing power of fresh food and a strong community.