Galaxy Games

By Charlotte's Library

I’m thinking that one reason I enjoyed this one as much as I did is that the story takes its time before plunging into the wacky insanity of the Games themselves. We get to know Ty, and his Japanese cousin Daiki; we are introduced to M’Frozza and her crew well before they arrive at Earth. The players in the story become, as a result, interesting people, and the tension gets a chance to build nicely and loomingly (I like a nice looming tension, as long as the characters aren’t actually unhappy, which these ones aren’t).

Fishbone has a deft hand with humor, too–from taking the mickey out of talk-shows and advertising on the particular side of things to reveling in the absurdities of the larger situation he’s created for poor old Ty (and all of us here on Earth). There are silliness-es, but the sense I got was that of the author enjoying himself, rather than forcing absurdity into the story to please a young audience.