Game, Set, Match, Champion Arthur Ashe

By BookDragon

Author Crystal Hubbard inserts her own touching, memorable story of the two short encounters she had with Ashe when she was 8, who remembered not only her name from a previous autograph signing, but the names of her sisters, as well: “Mr. Ashe, a man who had conquered a sport typically closed to people of color, who had walked with dignitaries and seen the world, remembered a little girl with pigtails, who didn’t like to play tennis.” That is the caring, gracious spirit of the late Arthur Ashe, whom Hubbard captures with a fitting mixture of awe and familiarity in this new biography for younger readers. . . . Hubbard’s book is a gentle, inspiring reminder that championship is not about winning the grandest prize, but even more important are the choices you make in how you live your life that lead to true victory. —BookDragon