Goldfish and Chrysanthemums

By Univ. Of Delaware

(University of Delaware, Education Resource Center) The story moves naturally and is believable. The focus is simple and works; Nancy must do something to ease her grandmother’s hurt. She and her brother Greg seem quite Americanized but are respectful of their grandmother’s sadness over the destruction of her former home. The story takes place in a middle class urban setting with a small backyard, and their parents are pictured returning from work in business suits. The children are friends with a neighbor, Mrs. Zalinsky, and she volunteers assistance with the project. The illustrations all have a golden tint with many muted greens. Most of the two page spreads are entirely consumed by the illustration with a lighter box for the text. It is the illustrations that connote a contemporary time via such things as hairstyles and cropped pants. This is a good story about family units, about altruistic acts, or about the longing for homes now gone. Once again Lee and Low have brought us a lovely story, appropriate for anyone, featuring people of color.