Gracias • Thanks

By Kate's Bookery

a good book and worthy of a read, especially if you’re bilingual…. The premise here is pretty simple: On each page, the little boy you see on the cover of the book gives thanks for something. I love how specific and funny in a little kid way he is. For example: “For the sun that wakes me up so I don’t sleep for years and years and grow a long, white beard, thanks.” Or “For the bees that didn’t sting me and turn me into a pincushion, thanks.” I love that he thinks about something that didn’t happen and gives thanks for that. The book isn’t religious in an outright way, so it’s perfect for those of us who are religious in a less-outright way…. I love that there exists a very nice children’s book that reminds of all the itsy-bitsy things that we–children and adults alike–should say thanks for. How different a world we’d live in if we could all appreciate what we’ve got just a little bit more. —Kate’s Bookery