On These Magic Shores

By Yamile Saied Méndez
Illustrations by

On These Magic Shores Discussion Questions:

1. Minerva’s family kept traditions from Argentina as we see when they drink mate, leave milk for the peques, or wait for El Ratón Pérez instead of the Tooth Fairy. What are some traditions that your family has kept for generations?

2. Minerva acts like her sisters’ second mom out of the family’s lack of social network. But what are some instances in which she shows she’s still very much a child in her heart?

3. Why is Minerva so perturbed when she discovers that the blue dress her mother gave her for the play's audition was formerly owned by Bailey Cooper?

4. Why is Maverick curious about Minerva, her family, and her culture? What is he hoping to learn for himself?

5. Why is Minerva troubled by the part she wins in Peter Pan? Do you agree with the actions she eventually takes to challenge the role? Why or why not?

6. The play and book Peter Pan portray a beloved story that still shows harmful representation of different groups. Why is it important to examine beloved stories for stereotypes and hurtful language? How do we balance the love of these stories and the archetypes they represent with the need to point out their failures? 

7. Why doesn't Minerva tell anyone her mother has disappeared? If you were in Minerva's shoes, what would you do?

8. Minerva and her sisters are US citizens. Why do the girls worry about possibly being picked up by ICE?

9. When Minerva is stopped by the neighborhood police officer, why do you think the officer is suspicious of her? When the boys come out to help, how do you feel about the interactions that follow?

10. Why do you think Minerva's mother would refuse help from neighbors?

11. Different sets of mothers and daughters are featured in this story. How are they different? Do any of these relationships change in the book? If so, how?


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Grades 3 - 7

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Grades 5 - 7


Childhood Experiences and Memories, Courage, Dreams & Aspirations, Families, Fantasy, Fiction, Home, Identity/Self Esteem/Confidence, Imagination, Latino/Hispanic/Mexican Interest, Middle Grade, Mothers, Overcoming Obstacles, Responsibility, Siblings, Poverty


Fantasy Middle School, Sibling Collection Grades 6-12, MG/YA #OwnVoices Collection, Books About Joy Collection, High-Low Books for Teens: Middle and High School, Authentic Spanish List

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