Only One Year

By Rasco from RIF

For some time I have been carrying with me the small book pictured here: Only One Year. I first saw this book on a colleague’s desk and was drawn to the cover art and the small size of the book . . . I read the jacket flap and was so puzzled I had to read the book right then . . . Why was I puzzled, bothered even more after reading the book? More than anything I was put out with myself that I was bothered! It was quite foreign to my system to consider sending a child so young away for a year, so very far away! But then, as I read further and thought about it long and hard, I realized this is a “window” book for me, a window on a value system, a window on beliefs different from mine as a result of the culture in which I was raised. . . . Reading the Lee and Low BookTalk with author Cheng was very helpful to me in sorting through my feelings on the topic. So now this small book is seldom out of my sightline when I am sitting at my desk; it is there to remind me I, too, must remember to be open to windows on the world showing differences from my world as I know it. Small book, big meaning. —Rasco from Reading is Fundamental