Prairie Dog Song

By The Horn Book

Roth and Trumbore take off from the cumulative folk song “The Green Grass Grew All Around” to detail the plight of the prairie dog. Roth’s mixed-media illustrations are painstakingly precise in detail and bursting with rich and varied colors. The waving seas of native grasses in the vast open spaces—each tiny individual blade perfectly placed—the changeable hues of the open skies, and the fuzzy textures of each animal’s fur or their fluffy feathers are awe-inspiring. The writing is equally impressive. Two independently strong texts are filled with scientific details on the biology and ecology of the grassland environments. Together they encourage multiple readings and viewings, allowing readers to find new details and to develop a strong appreciation for conservation and the natural world. Extensive notes and resources, including photographs of the animals, people, and places mentioned in the book, are included.