Richard Wright and the Library Card

By Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

A great story that shows the power of reading not only over the imagination and throughout history, but also as a means of having the ability and confidence to reach for your dreams. . . . As readers, we know and can certainly appreciate the immense joy attained through reading. The mere act of it can do so many things to the mind, body, and soul. One moment, we’re jetting off into the land of imagination filled with genies, unicorns, and monsters. Around the next corner, we find a glimpse into the good and bad times of those that have lived and are living life to its fullest. . . . In summary, the story captured within the pages of this storybook will entertain and educate while the accompanying pictures visually capture the emotions unable to be expressed in words. Recommended for new readers of all ages as well as those that simply enjoy reveling in the wonder and joy that is reading. —Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers