Sharing Our Homeland

By Helen's Book Blog

This children’s book is a great one for broaching a number of different subjects: tolerance and understanding for those who are different; friendship; going away to camp; and religions. . . . It’s nice to see photographs of Arabs and Jews mingling, having fun, and learning one another’s languages and cultures. One of the best parts of this book is when the children go on a field trip. They visit a Jewish Kibbutz where they bake Jewish bread (challah) and then they go to an Arab village where they bake bread called taboon. I liked that they did the same activity at both stops, showing how similar the two groups are. That’s really what Peace Camp is all about: bringing children together so that they see they aren’t really all that different. If more children in Israel and Palestine could experience such a camp perhaps the future of the region has a better chance for peace. —Helen’s Book Blog