Wolf Mark

By Dark Side of the Covers

Five Reasons To Read Wolf Mark

1. Luke – he’s engaging, intelligent, observant, and flat-out funny. I loved his narrative voice, and even during the expositional portions of the story my interest never flagged.

2. Motorcycle chases, safety deposit boxes, an old mysterious house…this story is loaded with the classic elements of an action-adventure tale, and they’re all done right…and described with Luke’s trademark irony.

3. Black ops – I loved how Luke and his father have all this covert knowledge that comes into play in unexpected ways throughout the story.

4. Evil Villains – really evil. While I normally prefer my villains to be colored with complicated shades of grey instead of basic black, there are times when a monologuing, accented, and utterly despicable villain is exactly what a story needs. This is one of those times.

5. World-building – Bruchac combines North American Indian tradition, European legend, and a dash of pop culture into a werewolf tale unlike anything I’ve ever read. These are neither the graceful wolves of Twilight lore or the mindless ravaging beasts of old horror movies…I won’t say more because I don’t want to give out any spoilers, but suffice it to say that you’ll think you know what’s what and who’s who. (Don’t bet your shirt on it.)

If you’re a fan of action-adventure stories, the darker edge of paranormal, believe there is an element of truth behind every conspiracy theory, and enjoy first-person stories told in an original voice, then I’d recommend reading this one.

Wolf Mark escalates from teenage angst to high-octane adventure, and has the spine-creeping feel of a horror story with just enough humor and romance to hold it all together. It’s the story of a father and son, a boy and girl, and a boy coming of age. . . with enough twists to keep even a seasoned YA reader intrigued.