Wolf Mark

By Joseph Bruchac
Illustrations by

  1. What is a preserve? Why are they important to society? Why are they important to the environment? Why are they important to Lucas?

  2. Joseph Bruchac employs many examples of foreshadowing and suspense building throughout the book. What evidence did you see of either foreshadowing or suspense building in the language of the text? In the structure of the text?

  3. Joseph Bruchac gives readers a number of clues that paint a picture of what Luke’s childhood was like. How was Luke’s childhood similar to or different from yours? Think about where he lived, events he experienced and lessons he was taught.

  4. When Luke puts on his wolf skin for the first time, the first thing he does is go for a run. Why does Luke need to run? What activity helps you maintain or restore balance when you are anxious, excited, or upset?

  5. After the first time Luke wears the skin, he notices changes in his personality. What has changed? Where do these changes come from? How does Luke feel about these changes?

  6. What does the grue represent to Luke, and how does he defeat it?

  7. Because Luke is a skinwalker, he is unable to touch electronics like cell phones and computers. What would your life be like if you were unable to use these items? What skills has Luke developed to adapt to this restriction?

  8. There are many different forms of vampires and werewolves in literature. What are some ways in which the characters of Wolf Mark work against established stereotypes of these creatures? Can you find an example where Bruchac plays up these stereotypes for humor?

  9. In an interview about the book, Joseph Bruchac says of Wolf Mark, “I hope it both entertains and teaches a lesson.” What are some themes or lessons that you see in the novel? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

  10. Maxico is a company that uses genetic engineering for sinister purposes. Do you think something similar could ever happen in real life? What are some of the moral or ethical debates surrounding genetic engineering?

  11. Luke’s vocabulary is extremely extensive. Find and define eight words from Wolf Mark that you don’t recognize. How does the vocabulary that Luke uses help to define him as a character?

  12. (Activity) Because Wolf Mark is told in first person, readers only get one point of view. Pick one of the other characters from the story and rewrite a scene from his or her perspective. Consider how that character feels and what he or she may be good at. What is going on in the scene that Luke might miss? Why? How does the point of view change the story?


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Interest Level:

Grades 7 - 12

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Grades 6 - 7


Middle Grade, YA interest, Identity/Self Esteem/Confidence, Responsibility, Overcoming Obstacles, Native American Interest, Heroism, Friendship, Fathers, Environment/Nature, Cultural Diversity, Coping with Death, Conflict resolution, Animals, Mystery, Paranormal, Empathy/Compassion, Integrity/Honesty , Persistence/Grit, Self Control/Self Regulation


Fantasy Middle School, Fantasy High School, Diverse Background English Collection Middle School, Diverse Background English Collection High School, Native American English Collection High School, English Fiction Middle School, English Fiction Grades 6-12, Joseph Bruchac Collection, Mystery and Suspense Collection, Young Adult Collection, Indigenous People's Day/Columbus Day YA Collection, MG/YA #OwnVoices Collection, Native American and Indigenous Booklist

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