Grades 3–6

Multicultural and Diverse Books for Upper Elementary School

Creating a culturally responsive classroom means celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of each child while meeting the demands of educational standards. As the largest multicultural publisher in the United States, Lee & Low Books offers extensive collections of contemporary and historical stories featuring characters of color as well as characters with disabilities, LGBTQ and family diversity, bilingual and Spanish language elementary books, and more. We are dedicated to cultural authenticity and take pride in working with marginalized authors and illustrators to provide all students with mirror and window books. Discover:

and more! Our award-winning books include a range of high-interest topics, meaningful themes, and complexity to meet young readers' varied needs and help them explore a wide range of interdisciplinary content.

We regularly work with elementary schools and districts to create customized diverse and multicultural book collections based on your needs and budget. To get started working with us, get in touch with this quick form.

Leveled Classroom Libraries

Books in Guided Reading Levels A–Z to create a well-balanced foundation for the classroom leveled reading library.

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Social and Emotional Learning

Our diverse and multicultural SEL books support social and emotional learning in a culturally responsive environment that helps each student to feel seen, understood, and accepted.

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Social Studies and History

Our diverse books for third through sixth grade span a wide range of topics, from geography and government to US and world history, paying special attention to the roles of people of color and other marginalized groups.

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Spanish, Bilingual, and Language Collections

Lee and Low Books is known as one of America's premiere publishers of bilingual English/Spanish books and dual language book collections, but we are also proud to publish kids' books in a range of additional languages including Chinese, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.

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Our STEM book collections contain high-quality, engaging books, many of which illuminate the contributions of people of color and other marginalized groups to the STEM fields.

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Recent Books | View All Books


The School the Aztec Eagles Built

By Dorinda Makanaonalani Nicholson


D is for Doufu

By Maywan Shen Krach

Illustrated by Hongbin Zhang


Shanghai Messenger

By Andrea Cheng

Illustrated by Ed Young


Growing Peace

By Richard Sobol

Illustrated by Richard Sobol


When the Horses Ride By

By Eloise Greenfield

Illustrated by Jan Gilchrist


Howard Thurman's Great Hope

By Kai Issa

Illustrated by Arthur Dawson



By Karen Sandler


Auntie Yang’s Great Soybean Picnic

By Ginnie Lo

Illustrated by Beth Lo


Children of Long Ago

By Lessie Jones Little

Illustrated by Jan Gilchrist


Dear Mrs. Parks

By Rosa Parks


Drummer Boy of John John

By Mark Greenwood

Illustrated by Frané Lessac


Sparkle Boy

By Lesléa Newman

Illustrated by Maria Mola


Tiny Stitches

By Gwendolyn Hudson Hooks

Illustrated by Colin Bootman