Middle School

Multicultural and Diverse Books for Grades 6-8

Middle school is a time of transition where important learning takes place. As students develop identities and strengthen literacy and analytical skills, it is crucial to make sure that they have access to both "mirror" and "window" books—that is, books that affirm their identities and experiences, and books that allow them to build empathy for others. Lee and Low Books offers a wide range of multicultural and diverse middle grade books for struggling, grade level, and advanced readers. Our authentic, award-winning books for middle school support culturally responsive teaching and embrace a range of complexity to meet all students' needs and explore a variety of interdisciplinary content, including:

We regularly work with middle schools and districts to create customized diverse and multicultural book collections based on your needs and budget. To get started working with us, get in touch with this quick form.

Leveled Classroom Libraries

Books in guided reading levels T–Z for your small group instruction, guided reading programs, and classroom leveled reading libraries.

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Social and Emotional Learning

Support preteens and teens in your social and emotional learning curriculum and program with SEL books that build a positive sense of self.

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Social Studies and History

Lee and Low Books provides diverse books for middle school that support culturally responsive teaching by including a wide range of perspectives on history, including those that are historically underrepresented.

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The School the Aztec Eagles Built

By Dorinda Makanaonalani Nicholson


D is for Doufu

By Maywan Shen Krach

Illustrated by Hongbin Zhang


Shanghai Messenger

By Andrea Cheng

Illustrated by Ed Young


Growing Peace

By Richard Sobol

Illustrated by Richard Sobol


When the Horses Ride By

By Eloise Greenfield

Illustrated by Jan Gilchrist



By Karen Sandler


Dear Mrs. Parks

By Rosa Parks


Tiny Stitches

By Gwendolyn Hudson Hooks

Illustrated by Colin Bootman



By Russell Young

Illustrated by Civi Cheng


I Love China

By Maywan Shen Krach

Illustrated by Youshan Tang


The Dragon Lover

By Yong-Shen Xuan

Illustrated by Yong-Shen Xuan


Arrow of Lightning

By Joseph Bruchac



By M.K. Hutchins