Wolf Mark

By Finding Wonderland

An intelligent narrative voice, a slow unfolding of events that paced along faster and faster until the plot was at a gallop, a sense of creepiness that just straight up flowed along to menace, complete with cackling über-villain, genetic manipulation and Creature Features made this a surprising lot of fun. A male author and manly protagonist in a novel which is effortlessly interesting to both guys and girls is just an extra plus.

. . . . The novel is about dealing, when no happy ending presents itself. Luke deals with his losses as his father deals with the things that have been thrown his way. The reader concludes that things continue dark, but friends are the best happy ending a book - and a life - can have.

These friends and loved ones give the novel its heart.

Page-turning suspense, a creepy sense of menace, and a deliberate and cool narrator - this novel will go down well with many readers wanting a new twist on an old trope.