A Full Moon is Rising

By Kirkus Book Reviews

A celebration of the full moon via various cultures, countries and festivals.

Singer deftly invites readers to consider and appreciate Earth’s silvery satellite through poems written in a variety of styles that offer a glimpse of how the full moon is enjoyed and welcomed throughout the world. Cairns’ cheery, childlike, energetic watercolors, feeling the double-page spreads, make the diverse cultures and locales come alive. Readers will be enchanted by the idea that the lovely orb that shines above all the world’s peoples has engendered so much wonder and so many rich traditions. Double-page world maps on the endpapers that pinpoint the locales in which the poems are set and a foreword with illustrations of the moon’s phases in both hemispheres add to the interest and helpfulness of this volume, enhancing its usefulness as a literary work and a supplement to classroom studies about the moon.

Gentle and lovely, just like its inspiration.