Boy, Everywhere

By A. M. Dassu
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Discussion Questions for Boy, Everywhere by A.M. Dassu

  • What kinds of emotions does Sami grapple with after he finds out Sara and his mother are at the mall where the bombing happened? How do these emotions affect his thoughts and actions?
  • What does sacrifice look like over the course of the story in Boy, Everywhere? What did Sami and his family have to do in order to feel safe? 
  • How does Sami’s character change over time? What does Sami learn as he encounters obstacles and challenges along the different parts of his family's journey to England? 
  • How does trauma affect Sami and his family members differently? How do they each cope with the aftermath of the bombing and the upheaval of their home life? 
  • Why does Sami think the war wouldn’t really affect him? How does his thought process change? 
  • What are the coping strategies and techniques that Sami uses along the journey to England? How does he combat his negative thoughts and feelings in order to keep going? 
  • What happens to Sami and his family at the airport after they arrive in England? How does this demonstrate racism and discrimination as a whole? 
  • What current events can you connect to Boy, Everywhere? What makes you think of that? Why? 
  • How does Boy, Everywhere reflect the hardships that displaced and refugee families endure all over the world? 
  • What do you think author A.M. Dassu’s message is to the reader? What do you think she wanted to tell young people through the main character, Sami, as well as his family? 




About This Title

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Grades 3 - 7

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Grades 3 - 7


Bullying, Conflict resolution, Courage, Cultural Diversity, Discrimination, Empathy/Compassion, Families, History, Immigration, Middle Grade, Muslim/Muslim American Interest, Overcoming Obstacles, Realistic Fiction, Refugees, Religious Diversity, War


Social and Emotional Learning Collection, Refugee Children's Book Collection, High-Low Books for Teens: Middle and High School

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