Echoes of Grace

By Kirkus Reviews

Tragedy and paranormal gifting seem to stalk the Torres family in this gripping paranormal family drama.

In the aftermath of their mother’s murder, sisters Graciela, 18, and Mercedes, 19, have diverged from their once-shared dreams to pursue college and escape their hometown of Eagle Pass, Texas. Mercy has sought the protection and power she finds in relationships with men, while Grace has retreated into a smaller world at home, writing and drawing in her journals and getting lost in her mind, where she grapples with her family inheritance—the uninvited dreamlike echoes that invade her waking consciousness. After the tragic loss of Mercy’s young son, Alexander, the visions intensify, and memories of an earlier tumultuous time spent in Mexico come rushing back. Dark foreboding and deep love mingle, but the mystery of how they are connected to Grace drives the page-turning plot. Rich with symbolism, allusions, and haunted psyches, there is a gothic edge to McCall’s magical realism. Evoking a strong sense of place, the borderlands of the Rio Grande Valley are a character in their own right, and anyone familiar with Mexican folklore will see the echoes of La Llorona’s tale of love and loss. This is a breathtaking story of sisterhood, familia, fighting the demons of generational trauma and femicide, and moving forward with fresh dreams despite the scars.

A nouveau gothic tale with roots as deep as mesquite and a heart as wide as the Texas sky.