Echoes of Grace

By Booklist

In this riveting contemporary novel with a splash of magical realism, García McCall explores the nature of sisterhood between Graciela (“Grace”) and Mercedes (“Mercy”) Torres, as well as shared intergenerational trauma, familial dynamics, and love when all seems lost. After a tragic accident befalls the sisters, Grace tries to piece together both the past and the right path for their future through visions, premonitions, omens, and “echoes,” a power inherited from her mother. Unearthed memories and mysterious figures from their family arise, all while Grace is balancing college, dating, and taking care of her healing sister. When it becomes clear that a specific time period—a week three years prior—may hold the key to the family secrets, Grace becomes determined to forge forward and extricate the slivers of truth from the lies, secrets, and deceit around them. As the Torres mystery unravels, García McCall plumbs these difficult experiences and sisterly conversations through Grace’s intuitive and compassionate, yet impassioned, perspective.