Everglades Forever

By School Library Journal

Exploring this ecosystem with a passionate fifth-grade teacher from Homestead, FL, and her motivated students provides a very personal understanding of the environment and the impact of development. As the class began its study of the Everglades, four students took a weekend trip to the northern area of the park and explored its history, biology, anthropology and even politics, as they learned about the past, present, and future of this environment. They went back to school determined to see the Everglades restored in their lifetimes. Then the entire class took a field trip to the area and learned more about its different habitats and began to grasp the wide-ranging effects of farming and development in the wetlands. Rich, informative photographs are filled with life; the children, and the animals and plants of the Everglades are vibrantly depicted, and are paired with a text that includes some difficult concepts and language but is also full of adventure and interest… This photo-essay is a great way to encourage environmental awareness and responsibility in children, and a fun way to begin to explore the wetlands.