Everglades Forever

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Every year at Avocado Elementary School in Homestead, Florida, Ms. Stone’s fifth-grade students do an in-depth unit on the nearby Everglades, as this intriguing photo-essay chronicles. First a team of four students volunteers to take a weekend trip to the northern part of this wetland system, where they find out about the region’s many environmental challenges and learn how native Miccosukees live in the area. Once the group reports back to the class on what they’ve learned, Ms. Stone takes all the students on a field trip to the area. Karp’s eye-catching, full-color photographs of the children, the wildlife, and the landscapes set this title apart. An author’s note gives additional information about the future of the Everglades, and a list for further reading and a glossary are also provided. This is an excellent resource for demonstrating how children can become involved in the environment of their own backyard.