Little Sap and Monsieur Rodin

By Children's Literature

(Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database) Consider this picture book a work of art. An excellent ‘Forward’ page brings readers up to par by presenting a brief history of the time period in which the book is set. Text is lyrical throughout with phrases such as, ‘Little Sap saw graceful girls with skin as pale and smooth as coconut milk’ and, ‘She bent her hands like the fronds of a sugar palm curving toward the ground.’ The author’s love and care of the written word stretches from cover to cover and allows a reader or listener to come away with a soothing emotional satisfaction. What is gained is an appreciation for a whole different time and place and a sense of knowing the famous artist Auguste Rodin. Passages are descriptive, poignant, and intriguing. Colorful illustrations are rich and vibrant. The illustrator captures Little Sap’s early shyness and her confidence and growth noted at the end of the tale. Ink, acrylic, watercolor, and paper collage were used to create the pleasing view. The ‘Author’s Note’ on the last page neatly ties up this overall successful package. The selection is suited for classroom use as a good story and for extending social studies and history lessons.