Sunday Shopping

By Kirkus Reviews

As comfortable as a Sunday afternoon with Grandma, Derby's picture book sneaks a wee bit of financial literacy into her story of playtime and imagination. Evie's weekly shopping trip with Grandma is something special. Right away, young readers will see that Evie and Grandma are preparing for no ordinary trip to the market. "On Sunday night, after we put on our nightgowns, Grandma and I go shopping," says Evie. Grandma dons her spiffy blue hat with the feather, and Evie grabs Grandma's big, black purse, and then it's time to shop. But their trip begins not in a taxi or walking through a town square. It begins in the comfort of Grandma's big, comfy bed. Evie and Grandma break open the Sunday paper, pull out the sales ads, and begin. Simple phrasing, sparse and easy to read, and charmingly spare watercolor art help create a feeling that is at once realistic and fantastical. The shopping duo plunge headlong into the sales ads, choosing from marked-down hams and sweet cherries to mustard; these two don't dream big—they dream thrifty. Evie has stuffed Grandma's purse with colorful play money, and the two follow a "budget" as they wend their way through grocery stores, furniture stores and fashion outlets. Strickland's playful mix of watercolor, paper cutouts, and collage both engages on its own and supports the story's theme. Both old-fashioned and fresh-feeling, this book is thoroughly worthy of a shopping trip.