Sunday Shopping

By School Library Journal

Filled with heartfelt homespun sentiment, Derby’s latest picture book is an homage to imagination and familial love. It is Sunday night, and young Evie and her grandmother don their pajamas, crawl into bed, and grab a pair of scissors and a newspaper for their weekly shopping adventure. Grandma wears her feathered blue hat, and Evie carries her big black purse. As they turn the newspaper pages, they make believe. First, they purchase a ham from Hook’s Grocery—it’s on sale today! And Hills’s Furniture is closing. They could use a new rug. At Pace’s Jewels and Treasures, Evie finds a beautiful box, perfect for the necklace Mama gave her before she left for the army. And the shopping continues, all purchases paid for with brightly colored “bills” that Grandma allocates for each shopping trip. Children and adults alike will find a little bit of their own upbringing in the shared adventures with Grandma and Evie. Grandma’s wise advice and nurturing manner are comforting and familiar without being overly sentimental. Strickland’s illustrations are a vibrant mix of watercolor, acrylic, and wax pencil, digitally interspersed with fanciful, oversize images of whimsy and delight. VERDICT A splendid choice for collections in need of picture books that feature African American characters, but, more significantly, a lovely title that celebrates imagination and the importance of family.