The Dog Child

By Simon Black
Illustrated by Honorio Robledo

Hardcover: forthcoming


Have you ever met people who think their dog is sooo wonderful? They talk about little Princess or Fido ALL the time. You wonder if they secretly think their dog is...a kid! Well, if you think they're weird, you haven't met Mr. and Mrs. McVitie. The McVities love their dog Judy so much, they long ago forgot that she's not human. They let her sleep between them in the bed, they sew little outfits for her, they take her photo at every opportunity. One day, they dress her up and send her to kindergarten. The McVities even have a birthday party for Judy and invite all the kids and their parents. Are the McVities out of their minds? the parents wonder. Do these people think this dog is a kid? At the party, they soon find out exactly what the McVities think--and it's even worse than they imagined: the McVities want Judy to blow out the candles! Judy saves the day with a birthday wish that changes their lives forever, and finally helps the McVities face reality. (Well, sort of).

About the Creators

Thumb_preview Simon Black - Author

Simon Black teaches in the English department at Cal State LA. He is currently a writer on the animated show Chico and Guapo, which debuts in October on MTV2 and features two Latino characters trying to make it in the music business. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two kids and dog named Judy.

Thumb_honorio_tapia_edited Honorio Robledo

Honorio Robledo, artist and musician, has illustrated four Lee & Low books: ¡El Cucuy! , Nico Visits the Moon and The Dog Child with the imprint Cinco Puntos Press, and Super Cilantro Girl with Children's Book Press. He and his wife Luana moved to Mexico so their children could grow up barefoot.