Yasmin's Hammer

By Multicultralism Rocks!

If you like heartfelt and inspiring picture books, stories that do make a difference in this world, then Ann Malaspina is definitely an author to watch…I close the book feeling inspired, my heart has been touched in a unique way and sure enough I can’t wait to share it with other people….The story is never preachy, yet contains lessons of perseverance, determination and generous spirit. It is beautiful to see how close and genuinely loving the family is. It is heartbreaking to know of Yasmin’s dream, a dream that we take for granted in our society. Ann Malaspina appears to have mastered the art of writing about difficult and sensitive topics in a way that opens the four to eight year-old (and grown-up) to the history and reality of the world, while empowering him at the same time. Yasmin’s Hammer is, in my humble opinion, a must-read for the younger generation, an opportunity to learn together a little bit about Bangladesh’s streets and food and to discuss the issue of working children, while examining what can realistically be done. —Multiculturalism Rocks!