Yasmin's Hammer

By There's a Book

This is such a powerful story, truly. . . . Ann Malaspina has written a beautiful and powerful story filled with hope. It’s written and illustrated in such a way that I felt motivated to try and do something to help, not just feel sorry for their situation. Included in the back of the book is also a list of groups and organizations (like UNICEF and Global Movement for Children) with contact information so that you can learn how to help. It’s also wonderful for children as well, especially those in situations like my own who have nearly everything they could possibly want. Because it shows them that not everyone grows up with the same privileges, that we need to appreciate what we have and try to make a difference in the world. A wonderful, inspiring and motivating book about the importance of education and value of appreciating that which we have; perfect for children and adults alike. —There’s a Book