Filipino American Heritage Month

The Philippines and Filipino Culture Collection

Archtober-Architecture and Design Month

World Vegetarian Day-October 1

Clayton “Peg Leg” Bates’ Birthday-October 11

Joseph Bruchac’s Birthday-October 16

Louis Sockalexis’ Birthday-October 24

National Bullying Prevention Month

Bullying/Anti-Bullying Collection 

Halloween-October 31

Hispanic Heritage Month-September 15-October 15

Diversity Awareness Month:
Why multicultural books are for everyone
Why do we need diverse books in non-diverse schools
The diversity gap in children's publishing-2015
10 reasons to read diversely
Checklist: 8 steps to creating a diverse book collection
Why hasn't the number of multicultural books increased in 18 years
Why multicultural books are for everyone
The problem with ethnic heritage months
Where can I find great diverse children's books?
Where to find culturally diverse literature to pair with you required reading
Gender neutral children's books
How the Common Core's book choices fail children of color
What does this book have to do with me? Why Mirror and Window books are important for all readers
Choosing the world our students read

Anti-Bullying Awareness Week:
Books for children and educators about kindness
"Lending a hand" for Random Acts of Kindness Week
10 Ways to Lend a Hand

Hispanic Heritage Month:
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Books About Puerto Rico
5 Books for Hispanic Heritage Month
11 Educator Resources for Teaching Children About Latin American Immigration and Migration
11 Books on Latin American Immigration and Migration
5 Tips to Engage Latino Families and Students
Using Picture Books to Teach and Discuss Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera with Students
Using Dual Language and Bilingual Books in First and Second Grade

Using Dual Language and Bilingual Books in Third and Fourth Grade
Using Dual Language and Bilingual Books and Parent Volunteers to Foster Deep Thinking
Monica Brown on Dehumanizing Language and the Immigration Debate

13 Scary YA books- diverse edition
Trick-or-treat diverse books for Halloween
Why i love to read sad and dark books to children and you should too

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