Cat Girl's Day Off

By BriMeetsBooks

I so enjoyed this book that itâ??s hard to pinpoint what I loved best. First, look at the cover. Diversity! It’s an excellent cover that accurately portrays Natalie Ng as she is. It’s not some homogenized B.S. girl with a tiny tank top bedazzled with rhinestones. Seriously, kudos Tu Books! Also, a gay character, whose sexuality isn’t part of the plot. This book is fun and light. It’s got some very funny moments. . . . Natalie is instantly likable and she just seems real. The dash of paranormal mixed with the modern day made a fun, not heavy paranormal read that’s accessible to many. While Cat Girl’s Day Off is hilarious and fast, it also packs a story about a girl trying to find her place in an uber-gifted family. Her dialogue crackles as does the catsâ??, and rings true. You would think with all the zany plot points that come into play, that the romance subplot wouldn’t work, but it really does. It doesn’t feel like a romance was tacked on just for the point of having a romance because readers like that kind of thing. I think what I really love about this book is the fact you can tell Kimberly Pauley wrote a book that didnâ??t try to follow any trends, she wrote that proverbial “book in your heart” and it worked. So well.

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