Cat Girl's Day Off

By Bonnie, Words at Home

“Not only was this a fun and hilarious read but there was a lot going on under the surface as well. There were a lot of messages of tolerance to be found within the pages as Pauley featured a racially diverse cast and also portrayed the LGBTQ community in a positive, and most importantly, non-stereotypical way. Even though it wasn’t necessarily a family drama, there were a lot of family issues that came up. The feeling of being the invisible middle child sandwiched between two seemingly more important prodigy children was a pretty predominant theme throughout the novel, as were questions of loyalty, friendship and self-discovery and self-confidence. From the lovable and eccentric characters to the evil villain to the hijinks that ensue as Nat and her friends try to solve this mystery on their own, this is a book that no bookshelf should be without. Whether you love YA or contemporary this is a book that appeals to all ages and genres and is the absolute perfect summer read.”

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