Cat Girl's Day Off

By ScifiWriterMom

“Like any good writer, Kimberly forces Nat to face her biggest fear: everyone—especially her high school peers—learning about her ability. When a spoiled pink cat belonging to famous Hollywood blogger Easton West insists that the person who looks like “his person” is really an imposter, Nat’s star struck friends (and the only two people besides her family who know about her ability) insist she help them find the missing blogger. Chaos ensues as a film crew, complete with screaming divas and hunky actors, that Easton West had come to town planning to cover, descends upon their high school to film some scenes. While there’s plenty of mystery, humor, and nail-biting scenes, my favorite part of Cat Girl’s Day Off are the scenes with the cats. It’s easy to picture this as the next Pixar or Disney animated movie with scenes such as the one where a whole kitty litter load of cats descend upon Wrigley Field to help Nat and her friends try to capture the villain. Cat Girl’s Day Off is clever and fast paced. The characters, from Nat’s super-talented, dysfunctional family, to the clever, neurotic, and heroic cats made it a Super Fun, summertime read!”

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