I and I Bob Marley

By The Happy Nappy Bookseller

Medina shines a light on a very influential musician/activist. Marley’s music and his message of peace touched many people. Medina easily conveys this so young readers will know Bob Marley was more than a great voice. Jesse Joshua Watson’s gorgeous illustrations are a perfect fit to Medina’s text. Watson’s illustrations are strong enough to stand alone. Without reading a single word there’s still a story. Its in Marley’s young eyes of wonder or the man with the half open coconut and the smile on his face, or an adult Marley holding broken chains with a look of no more on his face. This beautiful book was made with love, I say that based off the very detailed the notes. Only an author who cared enough would take the time to expand on all 17 poems.— The Happy Nappy Bookseller