I and I Bob Marley

By A Fuse #8 Production

With a big gap on my library shelf where Bob Marley’s biography should have been long ago, it’s nice to have something as lovely and enjoyable as I and I to offer the kids. Medina dances the dance of a man willing to tell the truth and nothing but the truth without having to get into the “whole” truth. No one can read this book and say it isn’t an honest bio of Marley. . . . The great thing about I and I is the sheer amounts of joy it exudes. It doesn’t gloss over the sad or unhappy elements of Bob’s life, but it does place him within the context of his times. As a revolutionary and a poet-musician, Marley deserves a book that can display him at his best. And since I actually have heard children singing his songs in my library, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts this book will find its audience. It’s a story for everyone, and best of all it’s true.—A Fuse #8 Production, blog on School Library Journal