I and I Bob Marley

By The Pirate Tree

Readers young and old experience the power of words and music, poetry and rhythm in this picture-book biography written in verse. Young people may not know Bob Marley’s name but many will recognize his songs. I AND I BOB MARLEY by Tony Medina illustrated by Jesse Joshua Watson is bold and beautiful. Tony Medina’s poetry echoes Marley’s desire for brotherhood and peace which fill his songs. Watson’s strong illustrations show the strength of Marley’s conviction to sing about the beauty and joy of the human spirit and break the bonds of poverty and prejudice. . . . Begin with the person walking next to you. Sing it, do it: “You’ve got to live out the book.” Take a look at this powerful picture book, I and I: Bob Marley. Listen to his songs and hear again their message. Enjoy the soul-stirring beat, the joyful rhythms. Take your time. This is the kind of poetry kids will want to read.