I and I Bob Marley

By Midnight Raver

“The book is the story of Bob’s life written in a poetic style by Tony Medina accompanied by drop dread vivid paintings by the incredibly talented Jesse Joshua Watson. It’s 48 pages of Bob’s story in very few words and fine paintings on a subject we can’t get enough of. Medina tells the story of Bob Marley through poems which are arranged in a very musical style. I find myself singing many of his words as I read the book. It’s a easy book to find and one I recommend to all readers especially those with likkle ones like the i. . . . The price is right and the contents are priceless. Actually maybe not. Jesse Watson does sell his artwork. I look forward to the day I own a painting by him. His talent is immense. The duo of Medina and Watson is a match made in Zion.”

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