Wangari Maathai’s Birthday-April 1
Seeds of Change

Robert Small's Birthday-April 5
Seven Miles to Freedom

Paul Robeson's Birthday-April 9
Paul Robeson

National Siblings Day-April 10

Jimmy Winkfield’s Birthday-April 12
The Last Black King of the Kentucky Derby

Earth Day/Arbor Day-April 22

Dia de los niños/Dia de los libros-April 30

International Jazz Day-April 30

National Poetry Month

Jazz Appreciation Month

Math Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Month
Benji, the Bad Day, and Me

Jay And Ben

National Poetry Month:

Autism Awareness Month:

International Jazz Day:

Earth Day:

Día: El día de los niños, el día de los libros:
Book-Hungry Hands: A Guest Post by Pat Mora

Math Awareness Month:
Muhammad Yunus, Banking Smarter, and Managing Finances
Why Literacy Teachers Should Care About Math

April Collections:

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