Langston Hughes' Birthday-Feb 1
Love to Langston

Rosa Park's Birthday-Feb 4

Bob Marley's Birthday-Feb 6
I and I Bob Marley

Valentine's Day-Feb 14

Frederick Douglass' Birthday-Feb 14

Irena Sendler's Birthday-Feb 15
Irena's Jar of Secrets
The Story of Irena Sendler

Francisco Alarcon's Birthday-Feb 21

Cycle of the Seasons Poetry Collection

John Lewis' Birthday-Feb 21
John Lewis in the Lead
The Story of Civil Rights Hero John Lewis

Augusta Savage's Birthday-Feb 29
In Her Hands

Black History Month

Black History Month Collection Grades K-2

Black History Month Collection Grades 3-6

Black History Month Collection Grades 7-12

National Girls and Women in Sports Month

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