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Activities for Homeschoolers
by Anastasia Suen & Adrienne Furness
Our activities are designed for use with individuals or small groups of children. The activities are FREE and are most useful when used along with our books. The books may be purchased directly through our Web site or borrowed from your local library.

Make Sushi at Home
For a great cooking adventure, make your own sushi. Check out the book: Hiromi's Hands

Create a Father's Day card for Dad

For a fun craft project, make the best card Dad has ever received. Check out the book: In Daddy's Arms I Am Tall

Make a Grandma and Me Scrapbook

Make a scrapbook of times you've spent with your grandmother. Check out the book: Singing with Momma Lou

Write Your Own Color Poem
Write a poem about your favorite color. Check out the book: Black All Around

Vanishing Cultures: Far North Homeschool Activity

Make a reindeer out of papier-mâché for a fun winter activity. Check out the book: Vanishing Cultures: Far North

Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message Homeschool Activity

Create a "Family Thanksgiving" book and record special things about family members. Check out the book: Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message

Vanishing Cultures: Himalaya Homeschool Activity

Learn to make a sand painting called a mandala. Check out the book: Vanishing Cultures: Himalaya

The Pot That Juan Built Homeschool Activity
Make a clay pot like Mexican potter Juan Quezada. Check out the book: The Pot That Juan Built

Yum! ¡MmMm! ¡Qué rico! Americas' Sproutings Homeschool Activity
A quick, easy recipe for delicious homemade ice cream. Check out the book: Yum! ¡MmMm! ¡Qué rico!

Diversify Your Homeschool Plan With Vanishing Cultures

The Vanishing Cultures Series by Jan Reynolds focuses on seven relatively unknown cultures and the unique landscapes in which they live. The books provide myriad opportunities to explore different cultures' stories and enrich any number of subjects.

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