Our BEBOP Titles Support the K-5 Common Core State Standards

Our Bebop titles support the new K-5 Common Core State Standards. For every title, rigorous, reading-level appropriate decoding and comprehension questions for both Literature and Informational Text have been provided, targeting:

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 Small Group Reading with Emergent Readers by Dr. Jeanne Clidas

Questions support a variety of modes of instruction, such as Read Aloud, Small Group Reading, Shared Reading, Independent Reading, and more.

KINDERGARTEN Common Core Alignment:
Kindergarten Common Core Standards
Kindergarten Level-A
Kindergarten Level-B
Kindergarten Level-C
Kindergarten Level-D
Kindergarten Level-E
Kindergarten Level-F
Kindergarten Level-G

FIRST GRADE Common Core Alignment:
First Grade Common Core Standards
Kindergarten Grade Level-A
Kindergarten Grade Level-B
First Grade Level-C
First Grade Level-D
First Grade Level-E
First Grade Level-F
First Grade Level-G
First Grade Level-H
First Grade Level-I
First Grade Level-J
First Grade Level-K

SECOND GRADE Common Core Alignment:
Second Grade Common Core Standards
Second Grade Level-G
Second Grade Level-H
Second Grade Level-I
Second Grade Level-J
Second Grade Level-K
Second Grade Level-L
Second Grade Level-M
Second Grade Level-N

THIRD GRADE Common Core Alignment:
Third Grade Common Core Standards
Third Grade Level-L
Third Grade Level-M
Third Grade Level-N
Third Grade Level-O
Third Grade Level-P
Third Grade Level-Q

FOURTH GRADE Common Core Alignment:
Fourth Grade Common Core Standards
Fourth Grade Level-O
Fourth Grade Level-P
Fourth Grade Level-Q
Fourth Grade Level-R
Fourth Grade Level-S

FIFTH GRADE Common Core Alignment:
Fifth Grade Common Core Standards
Fifth Grade Level-R
Fifth Grade Level-S
Fifth Grade Level-T

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