By Ex Libris

This story was very involved and quite gripping. . . . The story keeps you on the edge of your seat, as Kayla races, hides and dodges certain destruction to try to discover why children are disappearing and what that has to do with her own origins. This was a book that kept me up late because I couldn’t put it down.

As a tool in the classroom, I think that it works well in bringing forward discussions about our own societal hierarchy and how this kind of prejudice, regarding where you come from or your skin tone, has existed and still does. The fact that it is set on a different planet removes it from the context of our own history and brings it somewhere neutral so that it is free to be discussed without the burden of our own history and prejudices. The conversation can then be brought back and compared to similar situations in our own time, like slavery or the feudal system.

. . . .

This was a good, thought provoking book.