By Pretty Books

Let’s just get straight to it: I loved Tankborn.

. . . .

The world-building is very well done: the society is clearly described and in detail; I could easily picture it and understand its social rules and the implications for rule-breaking. I did feel a chill run down my spine as one of the main characters discovers a ‘real’ book and comments on how the words are written on paper and not on a virtual screen; I read this book on a Kindle. It also introduces new terms such as “skets” (skill sets), which I found easy to grasp and learn. However, what makes Tankborn stand out is that it explores issues of class and race as this is what the strict caste system is based on. It’s extremely thought-provoking and although it is fictional and futuristic, it mirrors our own society.

Tankborn. . . . has traditional dystopian aspects: the police-state, the underground rebels, the control over beliefs and ideas, control over freedom and individual rights, and control over relationships; all of which may seem very fictional but are instead very real. I very much enjoyed learning about Kayla and Mishalla’s society and their individual stories so I am giving Tankborn 5/5 stars.